Project Management

ONF International manages the deployment of projects in their entirety, putting its proven organisational skills to work for the benefit of ecological and social initiatives. ONFI’s involvement begins at the project design stage. ONFI then mobilises the human resources needed for successful implementation, while managing budgets of several million euros for individuals and organisations.

The three recent projects below illustrate our expertise in project management:

The Kiwa Initiative, financed by the AFD (57 million euros) involves 19 countries and territories in the Pacific. ONFI provides the permanent secretariat in Noumea.

The FEXTE programme in Turkey comprises 14 components, the organisation of 34 missions in France and Turkey and the mobilisation of more than 60 French experts and 90 Turkish experts.

A complete national forestry and wildlife inventory was carried out for Côte d’Ivoire over a period of two and a half years. The operation involved more than 70 permanent technicians.