Franco-Turkish cooperation in favour of forest biodiversity

On this May 22nd, World Biodiversity Day, ONFI wishes to highlight the Franco-Turkish cooperation for the sustainable management of forests and its biodiversity.

Since April 2019, ONFI has been responsible for the implementation of a Franco-Turkish exchange of expertise project (FEXTE) with the objectives of taking biodiversity and ecosystem services into account in forest policy as well as strategically integrating the fight against climate change into the heart of forest policy.

Vegetation, reptiles, birds, mammals… Turkish forests are home to an extremely rich biodiversity.

Franco-Turkish cooperation on forests has made it possible to update the roadmap for integrating biodiversity into forest management, to ensure the protection of these precious resources. The Turkish General Forestry Direction has launched pilot studies in the light of this roadmap.

We protect our forests, we are the breath of the future.