Climate and Carbon

Thanks to their potential for carbon sequestration and their rich biodiversity, forests play a key role in the fight against climate change. Promoting this role is one of ONFI’s main missions.


Support for the implementation of national climate strategies

ONFI ensures that forests are taken into account in the climate agenda. Convinced that each country has a role to play, ONFI supports countries in implementing their strategies for adapting to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ONFI took part in the initial phases of REDD+ in many African countries (DRC, Gabon, Central African Republic, Madagascar) by drawing up preparatory documents for the national implementation phase. In the Northern Province of New Caledonia, ONFI coordinated the RESCCUE project, the aim of which was to increase the resilience of a territory through integrated coastal zone management.

Finally, we help countries and companies to offset their greenhouse gas emissions through the valuation of carbon credits from our projects in Brazil and Colombia.

More details about ONFI’s expertise in forest carbon projects