Thanks to its carbon sequestration potential and its rich biodiversity, the forest plays a major role in the fight against climate change. Promoting that role is one of ONFI´s key missions.


Carbon compensation projects, REDD+ and CDM

ONFI has been involved in the development and elaboration of REDD+ and CDM projects for more than ten years, contributing at project, jurisdictional or national level.  Thanks to our experience in this field, we can objectively and clearly analyse every aspect of carbon projects:

  • determining reference scenarios
  • elaborating VCS or CDM methodology for carbon credit certification,
  • providing support for project initiators in their verification and validation process,
  • Elaborating monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems for greenhouse gas emissions, combining field data collection, econometric modelling of reference scenarios and satellite imagery,
  • developing alternative activities for local populations (agroforestry, biofuels, improved homes…).


Support for the implementation of national strategies against climate change

ONFI works to ensure that the role forests play in the fight against climate change is put on the climate agenda.  Well aware of the role that each country may play, ONFI provides support in such a way as for these countries to implement strategies to adapt to climate change while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. ONFI has contributed to the elaboration of preparatory documents for REDD+ implementation phases at national level in many African countries (DRC, Gabon, Central Africa, Madagascar). ONFI was the coordinator for the RESCCUE project in the Northern Province of New Caledonia. The goal of this project was to increase territorial resilience through integrated coastal zone management.

And lastly, we help countries and private businesses to compensate their greenhouse gas emissions through our carbon credit projects in Brazil and Colombia.