A collaborative digital platform for territorial management

Territorial planning projects are often characterised by their multidimensional, multiplayer and evolving features. The current context of climate change makes decision-making more complex. Decision-makers, whether they be timber industry managers, territorial organisations or investors, must take all soil functions into account, from food and energy production to environmental quality and the social well-being of individuals. In order to meet those needs, ONFI has created an online collaborative platform, named ForLand.

Forland is a tool for real-time visualisation of a territory, allowing for assessment of present resources, test of scenarios and collection of detailed soil change analysis.  A global tool, locally implemented.

  • TAILORED PLATFORMS, specifically made for your territory: unlike a software, applications developed on ForLand are fitted to each territory, according to the users´ needs. To this end, each platform is built in collaboration with project initiators so as to integrate the specific analytic tools that correspond to the challenges of the concerned area.
  • A DIGITAL DECISION-AIDING TOOL taking into consideration carbon sequestration, sustainable farming, economic development or any other relevant indicator. Digitisation of data contributes to making territorial dynamics understandable, and to anticipate today the impacts of tomorrow. ForLand includes state-of-the-art technologies and is based on open-source tools: its development possibilities are unlimited.
  • LOCAL CAPACITY-BUILDING: In order to ensure complete autonomy, ForLand teams will assist you throughout the platform´s development process, from the identification of needs to you actually start using it. ForLand can also be used for automating certain activities (forest cover monitoring for example), and thus saving time for local players.

Forland-Restoration, a new tool for the restoration of forest ecosystems

In 2018, ONFI joined up with CIRAD and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) to develop a product dedicated to forest landscape restoration: ForLand-Restoration This product is particularly targeting the resolution of land-use conflicts. It proposes reinforced analysis of human interactions and a participative approach involving all the territory´s stakeholders. This product is funded by EIT-Climate-KIC. EIT-Climate-KIC. Pilot regions are Scotland and two municipalities in Brazil.