ONFI in New Caledonia

ONF International (in partnership with ONF) has been working in New Caledonia for over ten years, supporting local authorities and the private sector on issues relating to :
– soil erosion and restoration measures (strategy for restoring degraded sites, setting up pilot sites, innovative civil and ecological engineering techniques, etc.),
– forest plantation management,
– protecting forests against fire (in particular by contributing to the development of forestry plans),
– implementing measures to protect drinking water catchments,
– adding value to game meat to turn a problem into a solution,
– or developing and supporting the development of customary lands by restoring biodiversity.

Erosion control system (Touho, NC) ©S.Verda, 2022
Planting upstream of a water catchment (Touho, NC) ©S.Verda, 2022







Over the past three years, a pilot project has been implemented on customary land on the east coast of Grande Terre, in the Northern Province. An environmental assessment was carried out and concrete actions were taken in terms of reforestation, regulation of invasive ungulates and silvicultural techniques.
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End of Pa Mulip Diéli Mwô Project (Poyes Tribe, Touho) ©B.Roger, 2022

ONF International was also selected in 2020 following a call for tenders as the Project Management Unit for the implementation of the Kiwa Initiative Secretariat.
Based in Noumea, South Province, a team of experts from ONF International is responsible for supporting AFD (Agence Française de Développement) in the appraisal, monitoring and implementation of projects, as well as leading the Kiwa Initiative community.
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