ONF Côte d’Ivoire

ONF Côte d´Ivoire is an ONFI branch, created in 2018 with the purpose of supporting the implementation of the National Forest and Wildlife Inventory project (IFFN).  Over a 2-year period, the IFFN project will perform detailed stocktaking of forest and wildlife resources in Côte d´Ivoire and provide recommendations for better resource management. The project is coordinated by ONFI and ONF Côte d´Ivoire, in partnership with IGN (National institute of geographic and forest information) and IGN-FI.

The ONF Côte d´Ivoire team is constituted by French experts and Ivorians with special skills in tropical forestry, forest management planning, wildlife management and socioeconomics. Benefiting from its experienced and multidisciplinary team, ONF Côte d´Ivoire sets out to:

  • Promote French and Ivorian expert knowledge in the field of sustainable forest management,
  • Provide counselling services in forest management planning, forest assessment and inventorying,
  • Provide players in the forestry sector with training and assistance in techniques of inventorying and forest management planning.