Our missions

Since its creation in 1997, ONF International has been promoting French forest management skills and expertise across the world.    As a subsidiary of the French National Forest Office (ONF), ONFI’s strength lies in its dual approach when carrying out its missions: an institutional body in matters of international cooperation projects on the one hand; a competitive player as an expertise consultancy firm on the other.


Four priority areas
  • Assessing and managing forest ecosystems
  • Sustainable development of territories
  • Promoting mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Using remote sensing to monitor forests and changes in land use


A multidisciplinary and highly qualified expertise
  • Operations in more than 40 countries in 2021
  • A multilingual team of 7 nationalities
  • Offices installed on a permanent basis in 4 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ivory Coast and New Caledonia
  • A turnover of 5 million euros in 2022