Elaboration and implementation of forest management planning in the Overseas Collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon


In 2015, the St-Pierre-and-Miquelon territorial Collectivity decided to engage in a process of conservation and enhancement of its forest heritage.

As the owner of the larger part of forest surface areas on the archipelago (i.e. 3 000 ha), the Collectivity missioned ONFI in 2015 to expertise its forest heritage. This assessment took the form of a detailed forest inventory based on a protocol of 2000 circular temporary plots between 2015 and 2017, followed up in 2018 by a proposition of a 10-year forest management plan (2018-2028).

The archipelago´s biophysical and forestry context is taken into consideration by this study. The forest inventory is clearly outlined through its methodology and the many results obtained. The expert assessment is completed by analysis based on territorial photo-interpretation, allowing for quantification and spatialisation of the actual forest cover.

The field work has been carried out with continuous support of the territorial Collectivity staff and in collaboration with local institutions concerned, DTAM, ONCFS and the Hunters Association.

The archipelago´s forests are part of North American Boreal Forests. The growing season is short and does not exceed four to five months, and climatic conditions such as sea winds and temperature, substantially affect forest growth. It is the only Boreal forest on French national territory, and beyond its importance as a unique biome, it has substantial value in the eyes of the archipelago´s local population, to whom its future is of great importance.

The archipelago´s forest surface areas are locally named “bouillées” or “boisés”.

». For almost a century, they have been subject to descriptions, ad-hoc studies and reports. However, the only tangible case of forest inventory seems to be the one performed in Valiergue in 2003 (ONFI – Aménagement des bouillées), mainly performed by visual observations. The present expert assessment, in the form of sample-based inventory, is therefore the first of its kind to be performed on the archipelago.

ONFI contributions
  • Elaboration of the inventory protocol and its implementation (more than 2 000 temporary plots measured between 2015 and 2017)
  • Training the collectivity´s staff in forest inventory techniques and on the ecology of Boreal forests
  • Proposition and draft of the ten-year forest management plan (2018-2028) based on results from the inventory
  • Annual support with technical implementation of the management plan (2018-2028).


Results and expected impacts
  • 3 000 ha of Boreal forest under forest management planning
  • Upgrading the knowledge of the forest´s ecosystem and the ecology of the Boreal forest
  • capacity- and competency building for the collectivity´s staff  in view of sustainable management of their forest heritage.
Some key data

Country: Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Topic: Aménagement forestier

06/2015 – 06/2028

Partners : ONF

Sponsor: The Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon


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