The ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019: ONFI presents its innovative tool for monitoring deforestation

Every three  years, the European Space Agency (ESA), organises the ESA Living Planet Symposium dedicated to the observation of the Earth at the service of science and society.

This year the conference was held in Milan from the 13th to the 17th of May. On this occasion, Cédric Lardeux, ONFI expert on remote sensing, presented the methodology of near real-time detection of deforestation applied to monitoring of gold panning in French Guyana, a methodology elaborated by ONFI l on behalf of the French National Forest Office. This methodology is grounded on radar technology-based data from sentinel-1, freely made available by ESA, allowing monitoring of deforestation throughout the world, every 6 and 12 days regardless of weather conditions.

The innovative tool developed by ONFI provides for automated and improved deforestation monitoring in tropical rainforests, where cloud cover sometimes makes it difficult to monitor forest cover by way of optical imaging.

Click here ici for Cédric Lardeux´s presentation.