ONFI School

Access to knowledge and information is a crucial prerequisite for the implementation of tailored public projects and policies.  Tools are evolving, today we use remote sensing and satellite imagery for forest monitoring. Compliance with standards and good practices is crucial in matters of sustainable forest management. In view of promoting transfer of skills, ONFI proposes training courses where technical evolutions and the needs in the field are taken into account.

Training courses on remote sensing
  • Use of optical satellite imagery (Sentinel-2 data) for forest monitoring
  • Use of radar satellite imagery (Sentinel-1 data) for forest monitoring
  • Training in mapping and on the use of the qGIS software (all levels)

ONFI promotes an approach of free and open sharing of information and all training tools are available online for you to download on this page. You may also take a look at ONFI´s YouTube channel where we regularly post tutorials.

Training courses in sustainable logging

Reduced impact logging: directional felling and cutting, organisation of harvesting, planned skidding, safety and first aid in tropical rainforests.

Heavy vehicle driver training: knowledge of vehicles, workers´ safety.

These training courses are mainly intended for loggers. Several trainings have already been held for private forest owners in the Congo basin (Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cameroon).

Trainings courses may be available on demand. Any suggestions? Please write us at onfischool@onfinternational.com