ONFI, partner for the implementation of forestry policies in French Polynesia

French Polynesia´s forestry policies are currently at a turning point.

The fact that 6000 hectares of planted Caribbean pine are reaching maturity represents a great opportunity for Polynesian authorities to boost the local timber industry, which is still on a small-scale artisanal level and present on some islands only.  Future forestry policies should therefore include a large chapter on forest harvesting and regeneration of pine tree forests with species that are well-adapted to climate change and good for the local economy.

To support this policy, the French Ministry of Agriculture provides technical, scientific and financial means, as well as personnel.

The Polynesian Ministry of green Economy has missioned ONFI to provide assistance in the implementation of its forestry policies for a period of 3 renewable years.

This assistance consists of contributing to the recruitment of the future Head of Forestry Department, who will then have ONFI´s technical resources at his or her disposal, and of a detailed programme including missions of natural forest and coconut grove inventories, management planning through capacity-building, assessment of ecosystem services etc.

The fact that the Polynesian Collectivity has trusted us with this mission, embodied by the conclusion of a convention in our offices at Nogent-sur-Marne on September 5, 2019, makes us particularly proud.  In addition to this, the Northern Province of New-Caledonia has placed its confidence in us to contribute to the reconquering of its biodiversity, strengthening by this ONFI´s anchoring in the Pacific, which makes us very happy