Caminemos, Territorios Sostenibles – Integral rural development in Guaviare for Peace


The project is located in a region of Colombia where several converging factors are slowing down the development: the effects of the armed conflict (social disruption, landmines), absence of State authority and environmental fragility (forest reserves or protected areas make up the greater part of the department).   Pointed out as a priority to the Trust Fund by the Colombian government, this region is one of the key areas of the Peace agreement, involving substantial presence of illicit crops and the creation of two territorial land areas for the reincorporation of former combatants having laid down their arms.

Result 1: Property planning and land-use planning

A regional platform for planning and monitoring adapted to the Guaviare context will be provided for local players (governments and organisations from the civil society). 400 families will also join the process of property planning.

Result 2: Improved food and nutrition security

Improving food security, nutritive conditions, access to drinking water and basic nutrition care for 400 families.

Result 3: Sustainable production systems

Implementation of alternative production methods on 600 parcels or community areas, which will combine conservation, restoration and increased productivity on already deforested areas to stabilise the agricultural frontier, with a participation of young people and rural women.

Result 4: Communication and education for territorial development

Local players (especially education institutions, young people and parents) are encouraged to join in discussions and actions concerning local challenges in matters of sustainable development and relations between rural and urban zones.

Expected results

– 400 families provided with inheritance planning

– 600 families provided with improved/alternative production systems

– 400 families integrated in the food security programme

  • 200 pregnant women or women having children of less than 2 years of age receiving nutrition support and training
  • 1200 young people trained in sustainable development
  • 30 education institutions with a project aiming to strengthen relations between rural areas and cities.

A webmapping platform, decision-aiding tool for territorial planning (FORLAND) delivered to local institutions

Some key data

Country: Colombia

Topics: Territories, Remote sensing, Food security

06/2018 – 05/2021

Partners: Action Against Hunger, Exito Fondation, Alqueria, Gobernacion del Guaviare

Sponsor: The EU Trust Fund for Colombia


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